5 MAY 2015

It is time for Action! One year ago we published the ISIPE open letter which was signed by more than 65 student groups from over 30 countries. In the past year we have achieved a lot but there is still a long way ahead.

On May 5th, 2015 we stand up again for a change in the teaching of economics. For an education that prepares us to understand and contend with the challenges our world faces in the 21st century. For a return of the real world to the classroom and room for debates! And therefore for Pluralism in Economics!

This year more than 35 local groups in 14 different countries are staging the following events to raise attention and consciousness for our demands. We are also releasing this joint statement with a summary of our activities of the past year.


Mendoza : Sociedad de Economía Crítica / Colectivo de Economía Crítica de Mendoza

May 5th, 19:00. Presentation: “China and Latin America: South-south cooperation or Beijing consensus?”, by Ariel Slipak. Presentation of the second volume of “Cuadernos de Economía Crítica” (Critical Economic Journal).
Contact: codecmza@gmail.com, jornadaseconomiacritica@gmail.com

Córdoba : Sociedad de Economía Crítica/ Colectivo de Pensamiento Crítico en Economía, Córdoba

May 14th, 19:00. Debate on Piketty’s “Capital in the 21st Century”. Presentation of the second volume of “Cuadernos de Economía Crítica” (Critical Economic Journal).
Contact: jornadaseconomiacritica@gmail.com. See also the Colectivo's Facebook page.

Buenos Aires : Sociedad de Economía Crítica/ Escuela de Economía Política de Buenos Aires

May 12th, 19:00. Presentation of the second volume of “Cuadernos de Economía Crítica” (Critical Economic Journal). Presentation of the paper “Cuando el crecimiento no es desarrollo. Algunos hechos estilizados de la dinámica industrial en la posconvertibilidad” (When growth is not development. Some stylized facts on the industrial dynamics during the Argentinean post-convertibility period), by María José Castells and Martín Schorr.
Contact: esep_uba@yahoo.com.ar, jornadaseconomiacritica@gmail.com

La Plata: Sociedad de Economía Crítica / Escuela de Economía Política de La Plata

May 5th, 19:00. Presentation of the second volume of “Cuadernos de Economía Crítica” (Critical Economic Journal). Presentation of the paper “Una mirada crítica al debate sobre el estancamiento secular” (A critical glimpse on the debate about the long-term stagnation), by Rodrigo Pérez Artica.
Contact: jornadaseconomiacritica@gmail.com


Melbourne : PPE Society (La Trobe University)

We will be holding a screening of ‘Boom Bust Boom’, which will also include an update on ISIPE by Nick Pringle (Executive Member, PPE Society), and a short presentation by Dr. Tim Thornton (Political Economist, La Trobe University).
Contact: nick.pringle@ppesociety.org.au


Graz : Gesellschaft für Plurale Ökonomik Graz

Our information stand at the university on May 5th will provide room for dialogue about the economics discipline and the situation at our university. We will also distribute critical papers and books and host a knowledge quiz.
Contact: Luise Uljanow, plurale.vwl.graz@gmail.com

Vienna Roter Börsenkrach (RBK) & Gesellschaft für Plurale Ökonomik Wien

On the 5th of May, we are hosting an information event throughout the day at the University of Vienna. Additionally, there will be two film screenings of the film “Boom Bust Boom”, one at each Economics University in Vienna:
   - First screening at the WU at 17:30 p.m. (WU Executive Academy - Foyer). More info here.
   - Second screening at 20:15 p.m. at the University of Vienna (Hörsaal 8 - Hauptuniversität Wien; Oskar-Morgenstern-Platz 1). More info here.
On the 6th of May, we are hosting a live-screening event of the INET conference on Finance and Society in Washington.
Contact: RBK, stvvwl@univie.ac.at    and   Kai, 07lin07lin@gmail.com


Montréal : Collective for a Pluralist Teaching of Economics in Quebec
(Collectif pour un Enseignement Pluraliste de l'Économie au Québec)

“Economics at the University: Towards an Inclusive and Pluralist Teaching”. April 30th 2015.
This is a 1-day seminar organized by the Collective for a Pluralist Teaching of Economics in Quebec, which brings together university professors, economics students and community organizations. The aims of the seminar are:
1. To mobilize people and organizations around pluralism in the teaching of economics at the University;
2. To assess the current state of things, the current mobilization, and existing initiatives in Quebec and around the world;
3. To debate about the needs and issues for community organizations and to identify solutions in order to bring about greater pluralism in the teaching of economics.
Also, on May 5th, a collective text by economists and researchers will be published about the local and international movements.
For info on the April 30th event, see this facebook page. To reach the student group, see this page.


Beijing : Rethinking Economics China

We plan to hold a New Economic Thinking Seminar on what to rethink and how to reform on 17 May. The seminar will be joined by both students and professors. Three topics will be discussed, including:
1) students’ opinions about the current economic curriculum in China, which corresponding professors will provide comments on;
2) Chinese scholars’ rethinking of economic research and possible directions to reform;
3) a Skype discussion with rethinkers outside China about the International movement of Rethinking Economics and new economic thinking.  
Contact: Rethinking2015@163.com


Berlin : Kritische WissenschaftlerInnen Freie Universität Berlin

We are organizing a complete day dedicated to more pluralism in economics with presentations, podium dicussions, short presentations and the screening of short documentaries.
Whole day starting 10am: We will be present on campus during the whole day with an information stand with room for dialogue in a nice atmosphere with food, drinks and blankets.
12am - 2pm: Presentation about post- growth by Andreas Siemoneit from the Netzwerk Wachstumswende.
2pm - 4pm:  Panel discussion with Professors from our university about the current stage of Pluralism in Economics.
4pm - 6pm: Short presentations by students about various heterodox schools of thought that are ignored in the current curriculum
6pm - 8pm: Screening of "Boom Bust Boom"
Contact: Lino Zeddies, Lino.zeddies@gmail.com. More information on this page.

Erfurt : Impuls. für eine neue Wirtschaft

We want to use May 5th to facilitate an active dialogue with the professors at our university. We will be present on campus with an information stand about us and the German Netzwerk for Pluralism in Economics. In the evening we invite for a self-made short documentary presentation.
Contact: Johannes Hollenhorst, jo.hollenhorst@uni-erfurt.de

Frankfurt : Kritische Ökonomik Uni Frankfurt

To create more awareness of the situation in the teaching of economics we will host a presentation about schools of thought that are ignored in current curricula. Afterwards we want to give room to infomal exchange and networking showing a movie related to economics.
Contact: Marcel Zeitinger, marcel_zeitinger@hotmail.de

Göttingen : Kritische Wirtschaftswissenschaften Göttingen

On May 5 we will combine the big questions in Economics with a party. Starting at 6 p.m. we will host a panel on “How political is Economics? - Positivism and normativity in Economics”. This topic will be discussed by Dr. Ulrich Thielemann (Denkfabrik für Wirtschaftsethik) and Prof. Joachim Weimann (University Magdeburg). In the evening we will dance off together at a Pluralo Party.
Contact: Sascha Berndt, sasberndt@googlemail.com

Hamburg : Arbeitskreis Plurale Ökonomik Hamburg

We are hosting a presentation by Frank Felgendreher about "Crisis theory from a post- Keynsian and Austrian school of thought perspective" in the evening at 6pm.
Contact: Ulrich Brandt, ulibrandt@gmail.com

Hannover : Plurale Ökonomik Hannover

Starting at 11:30 in the morning we will engage with students and faculty at our information stand and with a big banner at the university campus. Students can participate in a photo competition and participate in our nationwide survey about the satisfaction with the studies of economics. Furthermore, famous economists such as Adam Smith and Karl Marx have confirmed their participation. Let it be a surprise and come by!
In the framework of our lecture series “About the crisis of economics” we are hosting a persentation “About pluralism in economics” by Prof. Dr. Arne Heise on May 7th at 6pm. Afterwards at 8pm we invite you for a discussion about the practicability of pluralism in the Bachelor and Master curricula.
Contact: David Petersen, info@plural-hannover.de

Heidelberg : Arbeitskreis Real-World-Economics Heidelberg

We will bring attention to our cause by organizing various action seeking attention on campus by hanging up banners with critical questions, talking to fellow students and professors, and read out proclamations! It won’t be able to ignore us!
Contact: Niklas Gerberding, n.gerberding@gmx.de

Cologne : Oikos Köln

At our university we will stage a podium dicussion with professors and students. We also want to expand our group and get in contact with fellow students at an information stand on campus and during two workshops we are organizing for that day! For more information, check our Facebook event!
Contact: Verena Wolf, verenawolf@posteo.de

Leipzig : Oikos Leipzig

In Leipzig we will raise awareness about the critical situation in the teaching of economics with games, fun and free lemonade. On campus we will have a stand where students have the chance to inform themselves about our group and participate in quizzes and games.
Contact: Hannes Böhm, plurale.oekonomik.leipzig@gmail.com

Mainz : Arbeitskreis Real-World-Economics Mainz

Our main goal is to give room for a dialogue with fellow economics students about the current situation in the teaching of economics at our university and worldwide. With coffee and cake we will create and atmosphere of critical exchange between students and faculty!
Contact: Priska Häckmanns, priskahaeckmanns@web.de

Münster : Initiative Plurale Ökonomik Münster

We are a new group and want to get use this day to raise awareness and attention on campus. We will distribute flyers, talk to students and poster the university walls.
Contact: Nils Heininger and Hanna Decker, plural@uni-muenster.de

Munich : Arbeitskreis Plurale Ökonomik Munich

Our groups will be hosting a presentation with the topic “The four crises of the Euro” at 6:15pm. Afterwards we will have time for discussion with faculty and students about the situation in Europe and the role of the discipline of economics. More info in this page.
Contact: Maria Schweinberger, schweinberger.maria@gmail.com

Tübingen : Rethinking Economics Tubingen

We are happy to host a podium discussion at our university on May 5th with Jakob Kapeller from Linz, Austria and Frank Beckenbach from Kassel, Germany (both distinguished critical economists) and a member from our faculty. Location: Kupferbau (Höderlinstraße) Hörsaal 23, 18:00, 5th May.
Contact: Helga Orozco-Klaß, helga.orozco-klass@student.uni-tuebingen.de


Rome : Rethinking Economics Italy

A seminar named “ ‘The Return of the Master?’ Keynesianism in the 21st century ”. The topic will be the significance of Keynes’ thought today, and whether the supposed “Keynesian resurgence” has actually taken place among economists.
The event is organized by the local Rethinking Economics Italy chapters at LUISS and Sapienza University, and it will take place in Sapienza, Faculty of Economics (room 8b).
Guests: Prof. Maria Cristina Marcuzzo, Prof. Claudio Sardoni.
Contact: Roberto Volpe and Marco Schito, rethinkecon.studentiluiss@gmail.com

Turin : Initative taken by EPOG student and PEPS-Économie students

5 May 2015, University of Turin (Campus Luigi Einaudi), Department of Economics and Statistics, Seminar Room.
Official Seminar and discussion on the importance of pluralism in economics. Intervention by: 
      – Roberto Marchionatti (head of the department of Economics and Statistics of UNITO) about the history of heterodoxy in Italy,
      – Cristiano Antonelli on technological change and the boundaries of the neoclassical framework.
      – Martin Fransman (missing but slides given)  entitled "The Schumpeterian-Evolutionary Approach to Economic Change,
      – Presentation of PEPS-Économie (based on the paper “The case for pluralism: what French undergraduate economics teaching is all about and how it can be improved”, published in The International Journal of                    Pluralism and Economics Education) and on ISIPE by Laurène Tran.
      – Opening remarks by the organiser: Besiana Balla.
Contact: besianaballa@gmail.com and laurene.tran@gmail.com


Tel-Aviv : Student Forum Israel

On the 6th of May, 2015, in the “Cinematheque Tel Aviv” hall, we will hold the first international ISIPE-Israel conference, organized jointly by the Student Forums of Tel-Aviv, Jerusalem and Haifa. Planned Schedule:
         9:00 – Gathering
         9:30 – Greetings
         10:00 – Yair Lapid, Chairperson of “Yesh Atid” party, former Minister of Finance
         10:15 – Economics Teaching – World Perspective – ISIPE representative in Israel – introducing ISIPE’s research results and conclusions.
         11:00 – Economics Teaching in Israel – a Panel moderated by Gal Gabay, hosting: Dr Nilli Mark, Mr Yarom Ariav, Prof. Aviha Spivak, Prof. Omer Moav, plus a student representative.
         12:30 – Keynote Speaker – Prof. Steve Keen, Kingston University, London, UK.
         14:00 – End of the day.
We, young students, tomorrow’s economists, the next policy makers, see ourselves committed
with leading the change needed. We invite you to participate in the conference, hear and think
with us about the teaching of economics.
Contact: Yoni Ben Bassat, contact@rethinkecon.co.il. See full program at http://www.rethinkecon.co.il


México DF: Estudiantes  por la Enseñanza Plural de la Economía -  UNAM

In the last week of May, we plan to hold a roundtable with students and academics, to discuss the need of a plural discussion on the economic reforms in México (of the past years end their results) and therefore the need of a plural teaching of economics at the University. Also we are going to present preliminary Mexico results of the on-going survey of the current economic curricula in the world, seeking to open the space for discussion and action toward a pluralistic approach to economics.
Contact: Samuel Romo Cervantes, sromo.cer@gmail.com


Lima: Círculo de Estudios Económicos Sigma, Universidad Nacional Mayor de San Marcos.

We are holding a group discussion about Thomas Piketty's book "Capital in the Twenty-First century". It will take place on Tuesday 5th May at 19h at the Faculty of Economics at the National University of San Marcos in Lima. This will be our way of celebrating the first anniversary of the ISIPE international open letter.
Contact: ceesunmsm@gmail.com.  Please see the group page here.


Lisbon : Colectivo Economia sem Muros ("Economy Without Walls" Collective)

Presentation and Round table of the result of a Survey of the current Economics curriculum. Speakers:
     – José Reis  Director and Professor at the Faculty of Economics, University of Coimbra.
     – Ana Balcão Reis - professors responsible for the design of programs of studies in economics at Novasbe.
     – Manuel Branco - Professor at the University of Évora.
Contact: Gonçalo Pessa, economiasemmuros@gmail.com


Barcelona : Post-Crash Barcelona

In Barcelona we will be organising a set of events on both the 5th and 6th of May. The idea is to approach the debate to the academia in to further capture the attention of the student community.
      – 5th May: the first results of the survey regarding the teaching of Economics in Spain will be presented to the media, together with a presentation of our group and ISIPE. A panel debate with 5 distinguished academics will discuss what makes a good economist, what should the teaching of Economics provide students, and question whether the students of today are being properly prepared for the challenges of tomorrow. This is the first time the debate will be brought to the spotlight at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra.
     – 6th May: a second conference will be presented by Josep Maria Vegara aiming to introduce students to the History of Economic Thought, which so far is seriously missing. Authors such as Kalecki, Sweezy, Schumpeter and Marx will be presented.
     – Finally, the university will be flooded with an educational and promotional flyer, aiming not only to spread what our critique is, but to create knowledge and awareness on the topic by shedding light on the different schools of thought that compose the field of Economics.
Contact: Andrea Cabañero, cabanero.andrea@gmail.com. Also Post-Crash Barcelona Facebook Page and Blog.

Extremadura : Economía Crítica Extremadura

Promotional Event. The focus will be set on providing students with an educational and promotional flyer, aiming not only to spread what our critique is, but to create knowledge and awareness on the topic by shedding light on the different schools of thought that compose the field of Economics, together with the group in Barcelona.
Contact: Esteban Cruz, Estebancruzh1987@gmail.com. See also Heteronomics Group Forum.


Cambridge : CSEP, Cambridge Society for Economic Pluralism

After a hugely busy year with a record of over 30 events in 2 terms (invited speakers + our very own 'Paper 0' lecture series by PhD students on topics not in the curriculum), plus on-going discussions with our Faculty of Economics about syllabus reform, at CSEP we are delighted to be hosting the Cambridge premiere screening of Boom Bust Boom, the new Terry Jones film. Location: University of Cambridge, St. Catherine's College JCR (Trumpington St.), 5pm, Tuesday May 5th. Event details on this page.
Contact: Diana García López, di.garcia.lopez@gmail.com

Sheffield : Alt Econ Sheffield

Ad-hoc seminar on state of university education - focusing on lack of pluralism in economics. The seminar will happen in the Economics department common room, which we will ‘occupy’ for around 2 hours. Apart from students we will also invite economics lecturers. We’re doing it together with the Free University of Sheffield, which is a group campaigning for democratisation of our uni.
Contact: Kiryl Zach, kiryl.zach@gmail.com


New York City : Rethinking Economics New York

Rethinking Economics is launching EconMunch, a platform that aims to be the center of pluralist economics content sharing and discussion on the web. It filters the user-generated content through upvotes by the community, similar to Reddit. Check it out and share your favorite economics content at econmunch.com!
Find out more details by subscribing to the RE NY listserv at rethinkecon.com.

Amherst, MA: Initiative of EPOG students at UMass Amherst

At UMass Amherst we will host a YSI parallel event to the INET conference “Finance and Society” in Washington D.C. on May 6th. We will live-stream the keynotes by Janet Yellen (Fed) and Christine Lagarde (IMF) in the morning. Afterwards we will be joined by faculty members to discuss the talks and, more in general, the role of academia and universities with respect to the creation of a more healthy financial system for our society. Check out more information here.
Contact: Carolin Ortlepp, ortlepp.carolin@gmail.com

Join the global facebook event page and make illimited use of the #PluralEconDay hashtag to share your pics!

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