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Some of Our Individual Supporters

Thomas Piketty - Professor of Economics - Paris School of Economics - France
Lord Robert Skidelsky - Emeritus Professor of Political Economy - University of Warwick - UK
Alan Kirman - Emeritus Professor of Economics - Aix-Marseille University - France 
Georges Corm- Professor - Saint Joseph University - Beirut - Lebanon
Ha-Joon Chang - Reader in the Political Economy of Development - University of Cambridge - UK
James Galbraith - Professor - University of Texas at Austin - USA
Peter Mooslechner - Executive director - Austria Central Bank- Austria
Lars P. Syll - Professor of Social Studies and Associate Professor of Economic History - Malmö University College - Sweden
Victoria Chick - Professor Emeritus of Economics - University College London - UK 
Geoffrey Harcourt - Professor Emeritus - University of Adelaide - Australia
Marc Lavoie - Professor of Economics - University of Ottawa - Canada
Geoffrey M. Hodgson - Research Professor - University of Hertfordshire - UK 
Sheila Dow - Professor Emeritus - University of Stirling - UK 
John Komlos - Professor Emeritus - University of Munich - Germany
Paul Davidson - Professor of Excellence, Emeritus - University of Tennessee at Knoxville - USA
Steve Keen - Chief Economist IDEA  Economics - Australia
Engelbert Stockhammer - Professor of Economics - Kingston University, London - UK 
Jean-Paul Fitoussi - Professor of Economics -  Institut d'Études Politiques de Paris - France
Matheus Grasseli - Associate Professor - McMaster University - Deputy Director - Fields Institute - Canada
Katarina Juselius - Professor of Economics - University of Copenhagen - Denmark 

Our Student Group Signatories

Academic & Civil Society Associations Supporting Us

Econonuestra (
Economía Crítica y Crítica de la Economía (

Association Française d'Economie Politique (
Institut Veblen pour les réformes économiques (

Federal Conference of Student Councils of Economics - Bundesfachschaftenkonferenz Wiso (
Institut für sozial ökologische Wirtschaftsforschung e.V (

Finnish Society for Political Economy Research, Polittinen talous/ Finnish Review of Political Economy (

The Society for Sustainable Economics (

Centre for Philosophy and Political Economy, University of Leicester School of Management (

Faculty of Economics, University of South Bohemia (

Oikos International (

Revista Supuestos, Universidad de Los Andes (
Profesionales Amigos (

Quotes from our Supporters

"Pluralism in thinking is important. The contemporary move towards orthodoxy in economic thinking and the automatic rejection of alternative thinking is a brake on the development of new means of tackling economic and social problems."
Frederik Pedersen, Senior Lecturer in Medieval History

"It's about time for an initiative like yours. I can only congratulate you. Economics, in its neo-classical version, has been deviated too far from its ethical basis. Economists should, instead, include immaterial values in all their considerations and deliberations."
Wolfgang Köhler, Experienced business and financial journalist, Vice-Chair "Finance Watch", Brussels

"This is exactly what I've been waiting for."
Lorenzo E. Fränkel, Netherlands

Our Individual Signatories